Our Mission at our Refresh Fitness retreats is to assist, teach and guide our clients through a re-Igniting self journey that will allow them to reSet goals, reCommit to health and fitness, reVitalize nutrition, reLease stress, reCharge Body, Mind, Soul and reNew life. We will do this by utilizing the best locations, setting up outstanding workouts, supporting each other, as well as giving great nutritional guidance.

The Vision for our Refresh Fitness retreats is to create a destination get-away that allows you to realize your health & fitness potential by sharing our motivation and education. 

7 Stages Of Realization

  • Stage 1  reIgnite : desire to reignite self 

  • Stage 2  reSet: your personal goals

  • Stage 3  reCommit: to health & fitness 

  • Stage 4  reVitalize: jump start new nutrition habits

  • Stage 5  reLease: eliminate stress

  • Stage 6  reCharge: your body, mind & soul 

  • Stage 7  reNew: begin a renewed life 


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